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From its inception in the early 1960s, Danish lighting company Abo Randers produced just a very limited range of lamps but nevertheless enjoyed enormous commercial success, most notably with the iconic Mag and Ny-Mag lamps, which were designed by P Bosque and rapidly became a feature to be found in almost every Danish home. A succession of Danish lighting company mergers through the 1980s and 90s saw Abo incorporated first into Lyskaer-Lyfa along with Fog & Mørup then collectively into ES Horn Belysning, which subsequently became Lightyears and was acquired in 2015 by venerable Danish cabinetmakers Fritz Hansen.

Brand: Abo Randers
Produced in Denmark in the 1970s by Abo Randers A/S, these vintage pop-art desk-table-bedside lamps have strong white metal ball heads on chromed metal stands. Offered for sale as a pair (the price shown is for both lamps together), they stand 21 cm tall and each have a footprint of 13.5 &..
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