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Late 1960s Danish hygge fire-effect wall light designed and made by Claus Bolby

Out Of Stock Late 1960s Danish hygge fire-effect wall light designed and made by Claus Bolby

In the late 1960s Danish artist and lighting designer Claus Bolby began producing a range of unique and distinctive lights from acrylic resin strips, melting them together to create reliefs that resembled the forms seen in his paintings of the same period. He also introduced bubbles into the strips, which had the effect of giving them an inner life, and when light from a bulb shone through the acrylic face a warm fire-like glow emerged which proved to have widespread appeal to a Danish audience with a tradition of creating a cosy atmosphere (or hygge) in the home. 

In 1969 Danish lighting company Lyskjaer Belysning took over the distribution of the increasingly popular hygge lamps, selling them under their own branding, and this example is one that carries the Lyskjaer Belysning (LB) label. The acrylic face is mounted onto an aluminium frame which holds the bulb and has a hole at the back to allow easy hanging from a nail or picture hook. The dimensions of the lamp are approximately 19cm height x 12.5cm width x 8cm depth. It has an inline on/off switch and is fitted with a continental European-style two-pin plug.

Originally intended to take a test-tube shaped bulb max 20w which is not now readily available, the lamp functions perfectly with an SES low energy 3W LED cooker hood bulb and one of these is supplied. The low heat emissions of this substitute bulb actually make it an improvement on the original, since historical use of the lamp with a higher-voltage bulb has created a little additional bubbling to the inner face (see photos), although this is not visible and if anything only adds to the cosy fire-like effect. 

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