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Every item in our store is an original vintage midcentury production
We only sell genuine originals, no reproductions or reissues

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Other designers

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1950s midcentury modern Swedish fabric with leaves design

A length of strong, high-quality vintage cotton fabric screenprinted in a classic 1950s midcentury m..


1970s Abo Randers Danish Stat pop art ball lamp in glossy white

Standing 21 cm tall, this vintage pop-art style desk/table/bedside lamp has a strong and glossy whit..


1970s Abo Randers glossy red Stat desk or table ball lamps pair

Produced in the 1970s by Abo Randers of Denmark and designed by P Bosque, these Stat desk or tabl..


Bauhaus/Vasarely-style vintage op art table runner

This Bauhaus-like Vasarely-style textile is in mint unused condition, and its woven op-art design is..


Black Mag ball light pair by Abo Randers/Lyfa of Denmark, 1970s

Offered as a pair (the price listed is for both lamps together), these original vintage Mag pop a..


Bold geometric moon curtains pair in orange and brown, 1970s

Purchased in Denmark, these bold 1970s curtains feature a series of large-scale Pantonesque geometri..


Danish art light Octagon by Lyfa in orange and grey 1960s

This rare and spectacular Danish art light in rich orange and battleship grey lacquered metal is ent..


Danish midcentury modern art print silkscreen tablemats

Offered for sale as a pair, these exceptional Danish midcentury modern tablemats were produced in De..


ES Horn of Denmark red space-age ball-shaped pendant light, 1960s/70s

This classic space-age glossy red enamelled steel pendant light was made by Danish lighting company ..


Finlayson of Finland midcentury modern wool mix woven textile throw

Purchased in Finland, this vintage midcentury modern candystripe textile is in perfect as-new con..


Flowing abstract design fabric in warm earth colours vintage 1970s

This medium-weight furnishing fabric has a strongly slubbed texture and a flowing abstract design su..


Form-Light classic multi-layered Danish pendant light, white

This multilayered pendant light fixture is an original Danish Form-Light and retains its origin..


Geometric green spectrum curved zigzag design curtains pair, Danish 1970s

These vintage 1970s curtains were made in Denmark and have a bold geometric curved zigzag design ..


Georg Jensen Damask 1970s op art table place mats orange

These three tablemats were made in the 1970s and measure approximately 31 x 45 cm and are offered to..


Georg Jensen Damask 1970s op art table place mats purple

These three tablemats were made in the 1970s and measure approximately 31 x 45 cm and are offered to..


Huge purple spectrum silkscreened Danish pop-art textile art print 1960s/1970s

Measuring 151 x 145cm, this bold geometric silkscreen-print art textile was made in Denmark in the l..


Midcentury Danish designer opal glass pendant light by Lyfa

This high-quality 1950s pendant lighting fixture was produced by Danish lighting company Lyfa and is..


Monochrome op art sunburst fabric unused 1970s

Measuring 122 x 208 cm, this mint and unused fabric is a lightweight and translucent polyester pr..


Op-art target design screenprinted art textile from Norway, 1970s

The striking op-art target design on this 1970s cotton textile from Norway has been screenprinted in..


Semi-translucent curtain with red bubbles design, 1960s/70s Danish

This single curtain with a red bubbles design in orange, pink and red on a white background measures..


Single curtain by Boras Wavferi of Sweden with bold flowers design, 70s

This single vintage curtain was purchased in Sweden and is in excellent condition. It measures 120 c..


Slubbed lightweight vintage fabric with a bold abstract pattern

This lightweight, lightly slubbed, satiny fabric is a vintage manmade textile in mint, unused condit..


Swedish art print textile with exotic floral design in the style of Josef Frank, 1960s

This vibrantly colourful curtain was produced in the 1960s in Sweden and sports a semi-abstract, sli..


Swedish art textile with vividly colourful semi-abstract floral design

This vintage fabric panel was purchased in Köping in Västmanland, Sweden, and its vividly colourful ..


Swedish jute/hessian 1960s/70s magenta tulips table runner fabric unused

Purchased in Sweden and measuring 34cm wide and 158cm in length, this vintage table runner fabric is..


Swedish midcentury modern autumn leaves vintage cotton canvas 1970s

This huge and heavy canvas-like cotton textile was made in Sweden in the 1970s and is a classic Swed..


Swedish midcentury textile with reeds and bulrushes design in earth colours

Purchased in Sweden, this vintage midcentury textile measures 117 x 189 cm and is hemmed at top and ..


Tablemats (2) Danish 60s green & blue slubbed fabric

A pair of 1960s Danish tablemats in excellent condition made from a heavy slubbed cotton fabric a..


Vintage headscarf with bold graphic design, 1970s

Measuring 67 x 68cm, this 1970s headscarf has a bold, hand-drawn graphic artwork in which a calligra..


Vintage headscarf with concentric squares design in neutral colours, 1970s

Measuring 58 x 59 cm, this vintage 1970s headscarf has a Verner Panton-llike geometric design of con..


Vintage headscarf with geometric curve design in warm neutrals, 1960s

Measuring 76 cm square, this vintage 1960s headscarf has a geometric curve design in warm neutral sh..


Vintage headscarf with geometric design in reds and neutrals, 1970s

Measuring 64 x 68 cm, this vintage 1970s headscarf has a geometric design in two shades of red and b..


Vintage headscarf with links design in orange and brown, 1960s

Measuring 64 x 68 cm, this vintage 1960s headscarf has a geometric links design in warm shades of or..


Vintage headscarf with magenta waveform design

Measuring 66cm (26 inches) square, this vintage 1960's–1970's headscarf is made of a man-made tex..


Vintage headscarf with psychedelic butterflies design, 1980s

Measuring 86 x 87 cm, this vividly coloured headscarf has a lustrous silky satin texture and is made..


Vintage headscarf with psychedelic design in pinks and browns, 1960s

Measuring 67 cm square, this vintage 1960s headscarf has a psychedelic design in two shades of pink ..


Vintage headscarf with psychedelic Vasarely-style op-art design, 1960s

Measuring 66 x 67 cm, this vintage 1960s headscarf has a psychedelic op-art design in cyan, purple a..


Vintage scarf with stripes design in classic 1970s colours

Measuring 18 x 113cm and in excellent condition, this vintage polyester scarf has a design of stripe..