Initiated in 1953, the International Forum (iF) Product Design Awards are presented annually to products deemed by its jury of international experts to meet the evaluation criteria for outstanding excellence in design. Fog & Mørup lights that received iF Product Design Awards in the 1960s and 1970s were:

– 1968 Fibonacci pendant light (pictured below), design Sophus Frandsen

Sophus Frandsen Fibonacci Fog Morup

– 1969 Classic pendant light, design Jo Hammerborg
– 1969 Tunika pendant light, design Jo Hammerborg
– 1969 Saturn pendant light (pictured below), design Jo Hammerborg

Jo Hammerborg Saturn Fog Morup

– 1969 Diskos pendant light, design Jo Hammerborg
– 1971 Formland 1 & 2 pendant lights, Formland 3 table lamp and Formland 4 floor lamp, design Sidse Werner (interestingly, the light’s co-designer Leif Ålring is not mentioned in the citation)
– 1971 Semi pendant light (pictured below), design Claus Bonderup (again, co-designer Torsten Thorup is not mentioned)

Bonderup Thorup Semi Fog Morup

– 1971 Data 1 & 2 pendant lights, design Bjarne Bo
– 1974 Formel I, II and III pendant lights, design Hans Due
– 1976 Linie 1 & 2 fluorescent tube fittings, design K Stellfeld
– 1977 Radius III, design E Balslev.