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Space-age Danish Pantre art light designed by Bent Karlby for Lyfa, late 1960s

Space-age Danish Pantre art light designed by Bent Karlby for Lyfa, late 1960sLyfa

Pantre (Three-Pan in English) is one of several panpipe-themed lights Danish architect-designer Bent Karlby created for Lyfa in the late 1960s, and as with its wall-mounted sibling the Pan-Opticon, the Pantre's three shiny aluminium bulb-concealing covers can be slid up and down to change the quality and quantity of light emerging from one end vs the other. Like many of Bent Karlby's designs of this period, the lamp is as much an artwork as it is a lighting fixture, and when the three bulbs are lit it springs to life, the orange interiors reflecting a warm and colourful glow that is the epitome of Danish hygge. 

Issued by Lyfa in 1969, the Pantre was marketed as one of the company's Lyfalux series, a branding reserved for their most high-quality designer lines. A January 1969 advertisement for the Pantre explains the Lyfalux series concept: “Design and function in harmony. A quality that is reflected in the smallest details – a refined style – a great light... These are the requirements for a light to be included in the Lyfalux series. You can be sure that you're making the right choice when you select a Lyfalux series lamp. You are choosing one of the most perfect lights.” 

Measuring 36 cm in height and 22 cm in diameter, the lamp is in very good condition with minor light wear. 

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Tags: Bent Karlby, Lyfa, made in Denmark, silver, grey, orange