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Rare golden Facet pendant light by Louis Weisdorf for Lyfa, late 1960s

Rare golden Facet pendant light by Louis Weisdorf for Lyfa, late 1960sLyfa

Designed by Louis Weisdorf in 1963 and produced by Lyfa from 1966, the Facet pendant light is constructed from 18 identical metal strips, gold on the outside and alternately rich orange and yellow ochre inside, interlocked to form a cylinder. Light emerges through gaps between the overlapping strips, revealing warm, fiery bursts of the interior colours while protecting the eye from direct light from the bulb. The Facet proved to be expensive to produce, not least due to the strips having different colours and textures on either side, and was replaced in 1970 by the Facet Pop, a similar lamp with the same colour on both sides of each strip. Measuring 27 cm in height and 18 cm in diameter, this original Facet is in excellent, near mint condition with just a couple of very light scratches to the metallic gold exterior to show for its 50-year existence.

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Tags: Louis Weisdorf, Lyfa, made in Denmark, gold, orange, yellow