The diamond-shaped raw metal wall light pictured below was produced in the 1970s by Holm Sørensen A/S, the company founded by Danish designer Sven Aage Holm Sørensen to produce his own lamp designs. The light's title is often given today as Tivoli, although this is almost certainly not its original name.

Pictured beneath the Holm Sørensen lamp is another light popularly known today as Tivoli – again, not its original name, which is Divan 2, after the name of the restaurant in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens for which it was created. This "Tivoli" was designed by Simon Henningsen and produced by Lyfa – an attribution sometimes incorrectly extended to the Holm Sørensen "Tivoli", perhaps on the basis of their shared dagger-like appearance.

Holm Sørensen wall light

Lyfa Simon Henningsen Divan II