Now and again it’s possible to find vintage lights by a New York-based company called Danlite Inc being advertised for sale in the United States. These lights are, however, so obviously Danish in style that on one occasion a seller declared, "Do not be disillusioned by the Long Island NY address. Danlite Inc was a 100 per cent Danish firm that imported. Everything about it is Denmark."

They were correct. Danlite Inc was in fact a US-registered subsidiary of Fog & Mørup (as the F&M catalogue card pictured below makes clear), and the lights it sold were straightforward Fog & Mørup productions with Danlite branding – a marketing move prompted perhaps by the difficulty many non-Danes have in pronouncing the Danish brand name. This is a difficulty with which we sympathise: after 10 years of regular buying trips to Denmark our own sorry attempt (now sounding something like “Foo-uh-Moo”) still provokes widespread hilarity.

Danlite Fog Mørup