We have often seen the light pictured in the first image below described as a Falcon, designed by Andreas Hansen and made by Fog & Mørup. But while the light does bear quite some resemblance to the Falcon (pictured in the second image below) and was indeed produced by Fog & Mørup, it is considerably larger than Hansen's Falcon (60 cm diameter compared with the Falcon's 41 cm). It is actually entitled Karlebo and was designed by Hans Hartvig Skaarup and Marinus Jespersen, two Danish architects who founded a design and urban planning studio together in 1953. A 1970s Fog & Mørup advertisement for the Karlebo described the lamp as being a big, sturdy light suitable for hanging over working and dining tables. "However," the advert continued, "as a general light hung close to the ceiling, Karlebo is a splendid fitting, as the shade system prevents the lamp from dazzling at annoying angles."

Fog Mørup Karlebo

Fog Mørup Falcon Andreas Hansen