When Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens opens its gates on 14 April for the 2011 summer season, the doors to one of its oldest and most venerated restaurants, the Divan 2 (pictured below) – for which Simon P Henningsen created the glitteringly multifacted Divan 2 light – will remain closed. The restaurant went into voluntary receivership in January and will reopen in May under new management and with a new identity following an extensive refurbishment. 

Tivoli Gardens Divan 2 restaurant

Danish lighting collectors can consequently expect to see a substantial influx onto the market of Henningsen‘s Lyfa-produced dagger-edged pendant lights (pictured below en masse in the restaurant with their creator during their installation in 1962), though the restaurant’s receivers may attempt to maximise revenue by trickling the lights onto the market rather than attempting to dispose of them all at once. Either way, the restaurant’s demise provides a great opportunity for collectors but truly marks the end of an era.

Simon Henningsen Divan 2 restaurant Tivoli Gardens

Simon Henningsen Lyfa Divan 2 pendant light