When Jo Hammerborg joined Fog & Mørup in 1957 he lost no time in transforming the company’s product range and bringing it firmly into the modern age. Out went the cumbersome chandeliers with their glass shades resembling fried eggs, and in came a swathe of sleek and minimal modernist designs that were produced to the highest standards of quality.

Jo Hammerborg Fog Morup Corona

By as early as April 1963 the company's catalogue of 40 different lines included 24 designs by Hammerborg himself, every one of which has withstood the harsh test of time and continues to look fresh nearly 50 years on. These are the Corona (pictured above), the Alfa wall light and Beta table lamp, the Club, the Dano, the Eiffel, the Etna, the Juno, the Life, the Metro, the Monolit floor lamp, the Nordlys, the Nova, the Orient, the Optica (pictured below), the Pisa, the Pompei, the Roulet, the Runda, the Saturn, the Studio, the Tunika, the Ultra (pictured bottom) and the Vasa.

Jo Hammerborg Fog Morup Optica

Jo Hammerborg Fog Morup Ultra