One of several themes that ran through Jo Hammerborg’s work at Fog & Mørup during the 1960s was that his lights were often produced in either two or three different metals or finishes – usually aluminium and copper when just two versions were produced, with brass making up the threesomes.

Fog and Morup Jo Hammerborg Nova light

Examples include the Nova (above) and (below) Diskos and Cylinder pendant lights, Orient table lamps and Lento desks lamps, all in copper, brass and aluminium versions, while the Saturn pendant lamp had just two variants, copper and aluminium (the latter very rarely seen today).

Jo Hammerborg Fog Morup Diskos

Fog and Morup Jo Hammerborg Cylinder pendant lights

Fog and Morup Jo Hammerborg Orient table lamps

Fog and Morup Jo Hammerborg Lento desk lamps

An apparent anomaly in this pattern arises, however, with the circular Sera and Dano lights – which seem as if they too should share a single name. Like their Saturn stablemates, one of the pair (the Sera, pictured below) is aluminium with an encircling band that is dark grey on the outside and cerise inside, while other (the Dano, pictured below the Sera) is copper with a black and orange band. Both Sera and Dano have a diameter of 38cm and a height of 10cm, and in fact they are wider, flatter versions of the 30 x 19cm Saturn.

Fog and Morup Jo Hammerborg Sera light

Fog and Morup Jo Hammerborg Dano circular

But while the Sera was made in just one version, the Dano does in fact have a little-known and rarely seen sister light – a variant not in colour this time, but in shape. This second Dano is rectangular, measuring 68 x 21.5cm, and is perhaps the reason why the Sera and circular Dano have separate identities.

Fog and Morup Jo Hammerborg Dano rectangular