One particular group of Fog & Mørup lights by Jo Hammerborg – which for convenience here we will call the Saturn series – embodies Hammerborg’s most easily recognised and most widely imitated design concept. The basic concept was a structure of two concentric cylindrical bands, and Hammerborg explored this form in many varying proportions of height and width.

Jo Hammerborg Fog Morup Saturn Tunika Juno Corona Zenith Eiffel

Early 1960s examples, mostly in copper and black laquered metal, included the Saturn itself, the Tunika, the Juno, the Dano, the Eiffel (later produced also in spun aluminium) and the Etna. Variations produced only in spun aluminium included the Zenith and the Corona – the latter also having a conical rather than cylindrical core. Colour variations extended as far as the bright single-coloured Rainbow Line Junos of the late 60s and early 70s, and the concept remained one of Hammerborg’s signature themes throughout his two decades of design work at Fog & Morup.