The Kastrup-Holmegaard glassworks produced many different individually mouth-blown glass lamps for Fog & Mørup during the 1960s. Today the least well-known of these are the Havanna series, which emerged at the end of that decade. The range included the Jo Hammerborg-designed Cirkel, Radius and Dania and Bent Nordsted’s Kora, Sita and Rota. 

The feature that tied the series together was their smokey golden colour, entitled Havanna. It was, the advertisements explained, a brand new glass colour, specially developed after much experimentation by Kastrup-Holmegaard for Fog & Mørup. The golden tone, it was claimed, would light up a room with the same warm glow as a log fire, creating an atmosphere of cosiness and elegance, but without the discoloration of the surroundings that came with a fire.

Havanna glass lamp by Kastrup-Holmegaard for Fog and Morup 1969