The International Forum (iF) Product Design Awards have been presented annually since 1953 to products deemed by an international committee of experts to be of outstanding excellence in design. Several Lyfa lights received iF Product Design Awards in the 1960s and 1970s:

– 1967 Pendel P523 pendant light, design Bent Karlby
– 1969 Glastop pendant lights, design Eva Koppel (Nils Koppel, the lights’ co-designer, is not mentioned in the citation)
– 1969 Kegle pendant light (below), designer unspecified

Lyfa Kegle

– 1971 Super-egg pendant lights, design Piet Hein
– 1973 Turbo II pendant light, design Louis Weisdorf
– 1975 Piccolo floor light, table lamp (below) and wall light, designer unspecified

Lyfa Piccolo