A couple of years ago we wrote about the fact that we had been unable to find reliable information about the origins of one of our favourite vintage Danish lights (pictured below), a large and spiky creation that for obvious reasons we dubbed the star light. While various designers’ names had been mooted by auction houses and dealers, none of the claims were supported by original primary sources, and we had never found such a source ourselves.

Then just last week we were delighted to receive an email from Elisabeth Jensen, daughter of Danish architect Anton Fogh Holm (1922–2005), who confirmed that the light had been designed for Nordisk Solar Compagni by her father together with Alfred J Andersen. The pair were also partners in an architectural practice in the town of Kolding. Elisabeth remembers her father referring to the light as "the Sydney light", but is uncertain whether that name was also used by Nordisk Solar Compagni.

Nordisk Solar Compagni star light