Who was Preben Dal? Nobody seems to know anything about the man who designed the wonderful Symfoni series for Hans Følsgaard A/S.

Preben Dal Symfoni

Many are even unsure how to spell his name. Is it Preben Dal or Preben Dahl? This at least we can throw some light upon. An advertisement in a 1960s copy of Mobilia reveals the spelling to be Dal rather than Dahl, and also provides us with further proof of his design genius in the form of another of his lights, untitled but again produced by Hans Følsgaard A/S.

Untitled Preben Dal light

Our friend and research partner Sune Riishede discovered that Dal was in a partnership with Danish architect Ole Bang from 1959 to 1976, and that his publications included a pamphlet about Greek temples in 1957 and Fritidshuset, an architectural book about holiday homes, in 1969. Beyond these tantalising snippets, however, Preben Dal remains invisible and apparently unknowable.