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The price of a gold-plated Fog & Mørup Semi

Posted by modblog 14/04/2011 0 Comment(s) Fog & Mørup,Claus Bonderup,

Following the post we wrote recently about Fog & Mørup’s Golden Line, the range of 24-carat gold-plated versions of F&M’s Semi, Sektor and Milieu pendant lights, we have been asked what the price of the gold-plated Semi would have been at the time of its issue.

The first reference to a gold-plated version of the Semi appears in a Fog & Mørup advertisement in March 1976, reproduced in the image below, in which prices are listed as follows:

 Brown/red/white/blackChromium-plated24-carat gold-plated
Semi 38cm168 Danish krone485 krone585 krone
Semi 47cm248 krone609 krone712 krone
Semi 70cm631 krone1,144 krone1,317 krone

Thus we can see that the gold-plated Semis were approximately 2.1 to 3.5 times as expensive as the ordinary coloured versions, the smaller ones being relatively more costly compared with their coloured counterparts than the larger sizes.

Price of gold-plated Fog Mørup Semi