It's not uncommon to see one or other of the two spiral-structured lamps pictured below being attributed to Louis Weisdorf for Lyfa. Usually in these cases no title is given for the light, but occasionally it is claimed to be a Konkylie or a Turbo. 

Henri Mathieu Lubéron Applique Apt

Henri Mathieu Lubéron Ventoux

In fact, neither of the lights was designed by Louis Weisdorf, nor were they produced by Lyfa. Dating from 1970/71 and back in production today, they are the work of French designer Henri Mathieu and are part of the Collection Lubéron, entitled Applique Apt and Ventoux respectively. Weisdorf’s Konkylie and Turbo are pictured below for comparison, the former being most easily distinguished from the Mathieu pair by its sharp angles.

Louis Weisdorf Lyfa Konkylie

Louis Weisdorf Lyfa Turbo