Bent Rooke’s fascinating Tidsfasetter, a collation of art and design news items from Scandinavia stretching back to the 1960s, includes an article on the launch party for Sidse Werner and Leif Alring’s Formland range for Fog & Mørup in 1970. We have translated the piece from the original Danish.

Tomorrow at 1.00 pm, Captain CC Smith, chairman of the Danish Parachutists Union, will be presented with an unusual trophy on behalf of the club. The trophy was designed by Sidse and Alring, who at 2.00 pm will launch their new lamp series Formland with pipes and drums at the Fog & Mørup store on Amagertorv [in Copenhagen]. The two talented Danish designers are keen parachutists, and the lamp series is clearly inspired by the sport. The pair have persuaded Fog and Mørup to produce a version of the lamp design in gilded silver, which weighs 2.5 kg and is valued at about 10,000 Danish kroner. The design will also appear as drinking glasses during the launch celebrations, made of beautiful red glass with a “cap” of opaque white plastic. Sidse and Alring have even designed sandwiches especially for this great day! Samples had to be approved at their design studio at 12 Kattesund.

Fog Mørup Formland Sidse Werner Leif Ålring