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Bent Karlby

Bent Karlby designsBent Karlby (1912–98) came to lighting design late in his career, and was until fairly recently more widely known for his involvement in other fields of the decorative arts, most notably the floral-themed wallpaper designs he created for Dahls Tapetkunst, Göteborg's Tapetfabrik and others, some of which are now held in the permanent collections of major design museums including London's Victoria & Albert. Karlby is recognised as a fine art painter and his oil paintings were exhibited internationally in the 1940s. He also designed furniture and wrote a seminal book on interior design entitled Bo For To, published in 1942. His lighting designs date from the late 1950s to the early 1970s, and his portfolio includes several of Lyfa's most sought-after designs including the Påfugl and the Kvadrille.

Brand: Lyfa
Designed by Danish architect-designer Bent Karlby and produced by Lyfa in the 1960s, the Trenta is a multi-layered pendant light with a perspex core that produces glare-free but effective illumination. Measuring 34.5 cm in diameter and with a height of 18 cm, the Trenta was originally produced in th..
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