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Sophus Frandsen

Danish architect Professor Sophus Frandsen (1927–2013), the designer of Fog & Mørup's Fibonacci pendant lamp, studied and taught lighting design at Copenhagen's Kunstakademiet for 50 years. Henrik Clausen, one of his students in the 1980s, paid tribute to Frandsen: "He showed that… the further away an object is, the more soft and blueish the light gets… It creates depth and perspective… Before he projected anything he made us watch just the empty screen showing a huge white square. Then he got out his slides. They held all sorts of samples of clear glass used for window glazing. We watched the big square on the screen turn from white to soft blueish to green, and then you suddenly understood that light had to be treated with respect… Sophus was a true lighting designer – but most of all, he taught us all how to see."

Brand: Fog & Mørup
Danish architect Sophus Frandsen created the Fibonacci, his timeless classic for Fog & Mørup, in the early 1960s. Despite being one of the company’s most expensive lights it remained in production until F&M’s demise in the early 1980s. The light was awarded a gold medal at the Leipzig Messe ..
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