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Every item in our store is an original vintage midcentury production
We only sell genuine originals, no reproductions or reissues

Design Light A/S

Design Light A/S

Fog and Morup productsRanders-based Danish lighting company Design Light set up business in the 1980s with two main ranges – one of minimalist, often ufo-styled pendant and wall lamps built from innovative material combinations such as perspex and metal mesh, and the second a line of high-quality multi-layered pendant lamps in the classic Danish modern style.

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Classic vintage Danish midcentury modern layered pendant light

This vintage Danish midcentury modern pendant lamp is made of pale ivory-white powder-coated stee..


Vintage Danish modern art lamp with psychedelic aurora effect, 1980s

Offered for sale individually (the price shown is for one lamp but we have two available), these spe..