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Ege Rya was a subsidiary of Denmark's largest and most prestigious carpet manufacturer Ege Taepper, and became Denmark’s most successful rug producer in the 1960s – a position it held throughout that decade thanks in no small part to an advertising campaign that created a surreal Ege Rya world in which the rugs were presented as part of the outdoor landscape. The series began in 1962 with a bride stepping from her wedding coach onto an Ege Rya conveniently placed on the muddy lane below (evidently indicating that the rugs would make an ideal wedding gift) and took on an increasingly offbeat and bizarre character as the 1960s progressed. Both rugs and locations embraced the psychedelic space age aesthetic as bold patterns and colours were introduced into the rugs and futuristic-looking models posed in lunar-like landscapes, culminating in a return to a more Nordic-looking environment with the introduction of the Ege Rya de Luxe range in 1970. Read our extended profile of Ege Rya here.

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