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From its formation in the late 1960s, Swiss textiles company Mira-X worked closely with Danish architect Verner Panton in a partnership that continued through two decades and produced dozens of predominantly geometric designs for fabrics and carpets. Perhaps the most iconic and influential of these was the Mira-X Spectrum set of 1971, based on different combinations of eight colours and five motifs (square, circle, stripes, curve and chequers) and produced in three different scales in ratios of 1:3:9.

Brand: Mira-X
Purchased in Denmark and offered for sale as a set of 6, these tablemats were made in the 1970s in a style popular in Denmark at that time of an oval shaped mat finished with cotton binding. The fabric used was Verner Panton's geometric wave-like Curve design in red, part of the Mira-Spectrum series..
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