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Pisa cased glass pendant lamp by Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Mørup, early 1960s

Pisa cased glass pendant lamp by Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Mørup, early 1960sFog & Mørup
The sparse, clean lines of Jo Hammerborg's Pisa, designed during the first years of his reign as head of design at top Danish lighting company Fog & Mørup, were a dramatic departure from the company's pre-Hammerborg styles and a powerful statement of Hammerborg's intention to transform the company's output into modern designs of the highest quality. The production of the glass itself was outsourced to Denmark's most prestigious glassmaker, Holmegaard, where it was hand-produced in four colourways to Hammerborg's specifications under the direction of Jacob E Bang. At 38 cm in height and with a diameter of 14 cm, the Pisa is a medium- to large-sized lamp, and this example is the grey edition, which has strong inky blue tones when the bulb is unlit. It is in very good condition with  light wear in the shape of a few nibbles and small flakes (see photos). It comes with its original device for integrating the bulbholder into the glass, a diamond-shaped metal frame which was also used by Hammerborg in the other glass lamps he designed during this period, and takes a standard Edison screw bulb max 75w (not supplied).

  • £199.00

Tags: Jo Hammerborg, Fog & Mørup, made in Denmark, glass, grey, neutrals