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Red Semi pendant light by Bonderup and Thorup for Fog & Mørup, late 1960s

Red Semi pendant light by Bonderup and Thorup for Fog & Mørup, late 1960sFog & Mørup

Designed in 1967 by Claus Bonderup and Torsten Thorup and put into production by Fog & Mørup while the design duo were still students, the Semi proved to be an immensely popular light and remained in production for the rest of Fog & Mørup's existence and beyond. An article in a 1973 edition of Mobilia magazine described the process by which each Semi was hand-produced. “A flat, lifeless sheet of metal is given one almighty thump by an automatic power press, surface-ground to produce an absolutely smooth texture and spray-painted to ensure a superior finish.” Fog & Mørup recommended the use of a crown silver bulb to achieve the optimum light distribution and prevent glare. This example is the rarely seen glossy red version in the 38 cm diameter version with a height of 19 cm. It is in near-mint condition with just a tiny mark to the paintwork (see photos) and carries its original wattage label which Fog & Mørup afficionados will recognise as the trademark circular silver-and-black label used by F&M in this period.

  • £275.00

Tags: Claus Bonderup, Torsten Thorup, Fog & Mørup, made in Denmark, red