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Established in 1953 with a logo designed by Jørn Utzon, Torben Ørskov produced high-quality midcentury Danish modern homeware throughout the postwar period, bringing together the best available designers with the best available materials and production processes to see how far forward the boundaries of quality in manufactured goods could be pushed. Amongst the results of these experiments was Herbert Krenchel's iconic Krenit range of kitchenware, cold-pressed from millimetre-thick steel plate and then enamelled, and described by the head of Copenhagen's Kunstindustrimuseet (Museum of Industrial Art) as having "no rival in mass-produced ware". Read our extended profile of Torben Ørskov here. Designers working for Torben Ørskov in the mid to late 20th century included Henning Koppel, Kristian Vedel and Max Brüel.

This elegant brass candlestick was designed in 1960 by Danish architect Max Bruel, whose other work includes the design of Copenhagen's Herlev hospital, the tallest building in Denmark. It was made to the highest standards of quality by luxury goods company Torben Ørskov, which produced many ot..
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