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Max Bruel Hi-Fi brass candesticks for Torben Ørskov

Max Bruel Hi-Fi brass candesticks for Torben ØrskovTorben Ørskov

Offered for sale individually, these elegant brass candlesticks were designed in 1960 by Danish architect Max Bruel, whose other work includes the design of Copenhagen's Herlev hospital, the tallest building in Denmark. The candlesticks have a base diameter of 9cm and their heights are 26.5cm and 13.5cm respectively. The head and foot can be unscrewed from the stem. Weighing approximately 570g and 540g the candlesticks are very heavy, which gives them great stability despite their narrow profile. They were made to the highest standards of quality by luxury goods company Torben Ørskov, which produced many other top-quality architect-designed objects in the same era including Herbert Krenchel's famous Krenit range.

We currently have several candlesticks available in each height, all of which carry Torben Ørskov's TØ logo in the brass underneath the base. None of them have been polished in many years so are patinated and the brass appears dull. We leave it up to purchasers to decide whether they prefer them like this or would like to polish them, in which case they do shine up beautifully.

  • £49.00

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