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Every item in our store is an original vintage midcentury production
We only sell genuine originals, no reproductions or reissues

Vintage 1970s Verner Panton Mira-X circles fabric tablemats

Vintage 1970s Verner Panton Mira-X circles fabric tablematsMira-X

Purchased in Denmark, these tablemats were made in the 1970s in a style popular in Denmark at that time of an oval shaped mat finished with cotton binding. In this case the fabric used was Verner Panton's circles design produced by Mira-X in a spectrum of magenta reds from pink to burgundy. All four mats show slight signs of use and wear and measure approximately 29 x 37 cm. They are offered for sale individually.

  • £20.00

Tags: Verner Panton, Mira-X, made in Denmark, red, pink