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Vesuv pendant light pair by Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Mørup, 1960s

Vesuv pendant light pair by Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Mørup, 1960sFog & Mørup
Jo Hammerborg's early 1960s Vesuv came in two sizes, and here we have a rarely seen example of both sizes together, which we are offering as a single pair (the price displayed is for the pair). The larger of the pair measures 36 cm in height and 17.5 cm in diameter, while the smaller version measures 22 cm in height and 11 cm in diameter. Both are in very good condition, with minor light wear to the outer black sections, and some patination to the solid copper inner cylinder in the smaller lamp. Like its close sibling the Etna, the Vesuv takes its name from the fiery glow it emits when lit, and is a classic example of the style of lighting used by Danes to create an atmosphere of cosy hygge in the home, whereby a room is lit not by a single overhead source but by several lamps deployed across areas of the room where light is specifically required.

  • £450.00

Tags: Jo Hammerborg, Fog & Mørup, made in Denmark, copper, black, orange