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Kristian Vedel design set of three Gourmet egg cups by Torben Ørksov of Denmark

Kristian Vedel design set of three Gourmet egg cups by Torben Ørksov of DenmarkTorben Ørskov

Kristian Vedel's Gourmet eggcups were part of a melamine tableware range he designed for Danish luxury goods manufacturer Torben Ørskov in the early 1960s. Continuing the architect's investigations into the qualities and properties of the revolutionary new plastic melamine that began with his stackable melamine dishes, the egg cups again make use of melamine's ability to produce different texture effects, and their rims taper to a point so fine they are almost sharp. We have three of Vedel's Gourmet egg cups available, all three in black with a diameter of 11 cm and all three impressed on the base "Gourmet. Torben Ørskov & Co Denmark". One of the three is in excellent condition with no damage, the second second has a 2mm flake chip to the cup rim, and the third has a 7mm slither chip to the cup rim and a 6mm flake chip and a 1mm fleabite to the outer edge (see photos).

  • £75.00

Tags: Kristian Vedel, Torben Ørskov, made in Denmark, black, melamine