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Södahl Design A/S of Denmark vintage townscape artwork

Out Of Stock Södahl Design A/S of Denmark vintage townscape artwork
Created in Denmark in the late 1960s or early 1970s by Södahl Design A/S, the company founded in 1963 by artist and designer Hans-Jürgen Schöbel as a vehicle for his own artworks, this jute/hessian artwork is signed with Schöbel's Sö monogram near the bottom right corner and is in mint condition. Silkscreen-printed in a spectrum of warm earth tones from biscuit through taupe, ginger, terracotta, milky coffee, light and dark chocolate to blackish earth brown and depicting an abstract townscape with a mediterranean or middle eastern feel, the artwork measures 77 x 102 cm and is finished on all four edges.
  • £75.00

Tags: Södahl, Hans-Jürgen Schöbel, made in Denmark, browns, neutrals, artworks