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Every item in our store is an original vintage midcentury production
We only sell genuine originals, no reproductions or reissues

Allbricka vintage melamine trays and dishes made in Sweden

Out Of Stock Allbricka vintage melamine trays and dishes made in Sweden

Allbricka vintage melamine trays and dishes made in Sweden

These sturdy and high-quality stackable melamine trays and dishes are entitled Allbricka and all are original vintage pieces in very good to excellent condition. The Allbricka range was produced in Sweden in the 1970s in a variety of sizes ranging from small to XL (diameters from 8 cm to 38 cm). We have a variety of colours and sizes available, as shown in the accompanying images, and all but one of our examples are embossed on the base "Melamin. Made in Sweden" (the exception being the orange 25 cm tray, which is in all other respects identical). Several of the larger examples also retain their original sticky labels, which provide the following description, which we have translated from the original Swedish:

  • Fireproof melamine Allbricka can be used as a tray for candles, as a serving tray, or as an ashtray.
  • Allbricka is particularly suitable as a tray for candles because it is fireproof and comes in bright colors. Compose the candles into a display using candles in colours that match the trays. Candles burn beautifully when they have different heights and are arranged approximately 4 cms apart.
  • Allbricka is also suitable as a serving tray or platter. Available in several bright colours, all of which are machine washable.
  • Use Allbricka as an ashtray – it can withstand cigarette burns.

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