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Rare 1960 s/70 s Bing & Grondahl fine quality melamine bowl

Out Of Stock Rare 1960 s/70 s Bing & Grondahl fine quality melamine bowl

Rare 1960's/70's Bing & Grondahl fine quality melamine bowl

Almost as hard, smooth and cool as the company's more usual porcelain products, this bowl is a rarely seen example of a brief diversion into melamine plastic by prestgious Danish tableware company Bing & Grondahl in the late 1960's to early 1970's, and is marked with the B&G logo encircled by the words Copenhagen Porcelain Made in Denmark. Despite the appearance of the word porcelain in the logo, however, this dish is made not of china but fine melamine of the highest quality, and the bowl's design makes full use of the material's qualities with its combination of crisp, sharp edges, smooth curves and perfect flat, glossy surfaces. The rich, deep orange bowl has a base diameter of 25cm (10 inches) and a height of 5cm (2 inches), is in perfect condition and is ideal for use as a fruit bowl or serving dish.

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