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Retro 1960 s-1970 s Carl Thore multi-layer light

Out Of Stock Retro 1960 s-1970 s Carl Thore multi-layer light

Retro 1960's-1970's Carl Thore multi-layer light

This classic retro multi-layered pendant ceiling light was designed by Swedish architect Carl Thore in the 1960's. The spun aluminium layers have a silver-coloured finish outside, a dusty orange colour on the inner faces of the four central layers, and glossy white on the inner faces of the two outermost layers. The overall effect of this combination is that when the lamp is lit, a rich orange glow is cast onto all the silvery exteriors with the exception of the central band of two layers, creating a warm and colourful effect like a fireside glow. The light has a diameter of 30cm (11.75 inches) and all the original two-core electrical components have been replaced with brand new three-core equivalents to meet or exceed current UK and international safety standards. Close inspection reveals a little unevenness to the intensity of the interior orange colour in places (see images), but this has no impact on the light's appearance in situ or use. Otherwide condition is excellent, with no scratching or dents to the aluminium layers.

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