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Bonderup and Thorup Semi lights by Fog & Morup

Out Of Stock Bonderup and Thorup Semi lights by Fog & Morup
The stylish design, entitled Semi, quickly became a classic. The light's strong geometric look teams up perfectly with Saarinen and Panton styles, and often features alongside the work of these designers. It is pictured on page 062 of Verner Panton: The Collected Works, where it provides the finishing touch to Panton's wire-framed circular table and chairs. It can also be seen on page 510 of the Taschen publication 70s Decorative Arts, where it complements a Saarinen-style pedestal table by echoing the table's tulip foot. The Semi was produced in a number of sizes, with diameters ranging from 25cm to 70cm (10 to 27.5 inches). Each Semi was individually manufactured by hand by a skilled metalworker. The process involved spinning a 1.5mm thick aluminium plate onto a steel form and moulding it into shape with a thick leather-covered baton.
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