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Danish modern Zenith pendant light by Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Mørup

Danish modern Zenith pendant light by Jo Hammerborg for Fog & MørupFog & Mørup

One of Hammerborg’s most easily recognised and most widely imitated design concepts was a structure of two concentric cylindrical bands, which he explored in many varying proportions of height and width during his two decades of design work at Fog & Morup. With a height of 40 cm and a diameter of 14 cm, the tall, slender Zenith lies at the extreme end of the scale in the series for both height and slenderness. This particular Zenith has general light wear to the spun aluminium surface of the main (inner) cylinder, but there is extensive flaking to the interior paintwork of this cylinder. The paintwork of the outer band is in good condition with only light wear, although its originally bright cerise interior has faded.  

  • £120.00

Tags: Jo Hammerborg, Fog & Mørup, made in Denmark, silver, grey, pink